2021-2022 Students: Vyren Ruff-Miller, Darren Osborne, Nathan Tobler, Tyrese Allmon, Mykell Slater, Zachary Dorman, Riley Wesley

Cynosure Telecom was founded in 2004 by Mrs. Linda Ousley and was one of the first Virtual Enterprise firms in Tennessee. Since then, we have received several awards in both International and Regional competitions. Our slogan comes from our name, which means "Your Guiding Light to Telecommunications". Mrs. Teresa Ledden is currently the Cynosure Telecom facilitator.

Meet The Team


Member: Darren Osborne

Marketing & Web Design

Members: Vyren Ruff-Miller, Zachary Dorman


Members: Mykell Slater, Nathan Tobler


Members: Tyrese Allmon


Members: Riley Wesley

List of Awards:

Top 25% Recognition for Website Competition (February 2021)

Top 25% Recognition in Catalog (2018 Southern Regional).

Salesmanship Catalog - 1st Place (2017 Southern Regional)

Newsletter - 2nd Place (2017 Southern Regional)

Website Competition - 6th Place (March 2009), 1st Place ( 2009), and 1st Place (2008)

Catalog Competition - 5th Place (2008) and Honorable Mention  (March 30, 2007)

Best Web Design - 4th Place (March 30, 2007)